“This story is told mainly through dance and movement on an essentially bare stage with minimal dialogue.  It is a work of Art, a painting, a tabloid that moves, undulates, weaves into your conscious and sub-conscious.  And so the work must be experienced visually, through one’s senses, to fully absorb the impact.” (dennissparkreviews)

“Director Tracy Francis Cameron meets these challenges head-on, smartly unpacking Genet’s complicated ideas about repression and struggle while also fearlessly tweaking the play for a modern audience.” ( The Edge)

“Director Tracy Cameron Francis has staged the production for maximum immediacy” (Backstage, The Maids)

“Tracy Cameron Francis directs a production that pushes the revolution far beyond the boundaries of space and time, throwing it into a surreal fog of claustrophobic chaos and misapprehended memory.” (Culture Bot, Comedy of Sorrows)

“Holy Land  is a play that definitely needs to be seen, simply to illustrate a conflict that attracts precious little theatrical expression in front of Western audiences. On stage, in translation at HERE, director Tracy Cameron Francis manages to extract bracing, compelling performances from material that is often impermeable in its absurdity, but brutal and unflinching in its delivery.” (Culture Bot, Holy Land) 

“Kunkel and Heitman, both excellent, are well served by director Tracy Francis, who utilizes the realistic setting to forge a real connection between Greta and Moo.” ( Curtain Up)