by Mohamed Kacimi

Translated by Chantel Bilodou

HERE Art Center ( NYC)

* US premiere
Can we find humor & poetry in extreme situations? Mohamed Kacimi’s compelling and entertaining Holy Land answers this question as five contemporary characters face the devastation of war. A city under siege…Carmen has disappeared at a checkpoint. Her daughter, Imen, must face a soldier’s house search alone. Next door, Alia, a midwife, focuses on preparing her coffee while Yad, her husband, gets away from it all by smoking and drinking. The only hope seems to reside in Jesus: the cat. This dark and humorous story follows two families hanging on to the banality of day-to-day life, at times to the point of insanity, as a way to transcend the atrocities of war.
Actors: Jojo Gonzalez*: Yad Ana Grosse*: Alia Sean Carvajal: Amin Pia Haddad: Imen Gil Perez-Abraham*: Ian